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Our Services

Water Use:


The Purple Pipe Company specializes in delivering reclaimed water for landscape use at residential, commercial and municipal properties in Palo Alto and its surrounding cities. We “go the final mile” by extending reclaimed water sources to end users via 2,000 gallon water trucks. We adapt our type of irrigation service and watering schedule based upon a property’s layout & accessibility, the amount of water needed, resources available, and any other special considerations.

Our goal is to deliver high quality reclaimed water and apply it to lawns, trees, yards, and landscapes in an affordable, efficient, and minimally invasive way.

Recycled Water/Groundwater Hand Irrigation

We have the ability to hand irrigate your property manually via quick couple hoses from our water trucks.

Schedule subscription service* (1x – 3x) per week for as low as $20/visit. We also have our own special “purple pipe” line that we can set up on your property. This allow us to cover more terrain on your property, reduce the service price, and provide a less invasive way to maneuver our hoses in and around your property without causing damages to your plants and ground work.

* weather policy: If it has been raining (>0.25″ in the past 24 hours or so), the ground is wet, i.e. the plants don’t need the water, then we will call it a “rain day” and you won’t be charged. When irrigating by hand, we try to cover all specified areas with at least 0.5″ of soil penetration with focus on thirsty plants in need of water, unless otherwise requested.

Water Storage Tank with Fill Pipe Installation
We install above-ground water tanks or below-ground cisterns on your property which can connect to your irrigation system for automated water distribution system. During the rainy season, this system can double as a rain-harvester to catch and hold water for future usage. Upon the dry season, Purple Pipe will be there to service your deliveries of reclaimed water.

If you already have a rainwater catchment system, water storage tank, or cistern on your property… or if you would like us to design and install one, we can schedule you for a dry season groundwater refills on an as needed basis for as little as $85/truckload.

Deep Soaks for Trees

The Purple Pipe Company deep soaks thirsty trees in need of water. It’s best to consult with an arborist first, but if your trees are are in need of extra water, we can schedule a time to “deep soak” them. When soaking trees, we keep the water in a ring formation underneath the tree’s canopy and away from the trunk. Some soils are very clay-like/hydrophobic and don’t accept the water very well. If the tree is located on a slope, it could be hard for the soil to retain the water. When possible, we will go over things once and then let the water settle in a bit… then repeat this process until the soil is less hydrophobic and the water settles in a little better. It can be difficult to effectively deep water certain trees like this due to run-off issues so we do offer other solutions. In certain instances, it might make sense to install a deep water fill pipe, or schedule an overnight 1000 – 2000 gallon slow drip.

Deep tree soaks can be as low as $50/visit and a full tank 2,000+ gallon overnight slow drip irrigation as low as $175/visit.

Commercial Services

The Purple Pipe Company will deliver to large commercial clients including retirement homes, public buildings, apartment buildings & HOAs, sports clubs, and cemeteries. We adapt to your needs depending on your landscape, its layout, plant type, and resources available.

Our goal is to deliver recycled water and irrigate landscapes in the most efficient and least invasive ways. We will review the possible options with you and give you a quote based upon location and estimated irrigation schedule. If you’re a real estate developer, property manager, or member of a home owner’s association, please contact us to schedule a free consultation.

Municipal Services

The Purple Pipe Company delivers and applies recycled water and reclaimed groundwater to city landscaping: pocket parks, street median strips, and trees. We are currently working with the City of Palo Alto to deliver and apply reclaimed groundwater from basement construction sites for landscaping purposes. We also service naturally landscaped restoration sites in the cities of Cupertino, Los Altos, East Palo Alto, Menlo Park and Redwood City. We support youth sports and are dedicated to keeping these parks and sports fields green for children and adults alike to play on year round. Please contact us to schedule a free consultation.

Water Use:


The Purple Pipe Company delivers reclaimed water to construction sites. Depending on site specifics, we can deliver the water to storage tanks, apply it to targeted locations, or spray it over larger areas for dust control for vehicle & equipment cleaning.

We also have the ability to gather and disperse pumped groundwater from basement construction sites for municipal use (in accordance with local rules and regulations).

Recycled water use at construction sites needs to be permitted and supervised according to state and local rules. We help with any necessary regulatory permitting and compliance. Please contact us for a delivery estimate or if you need to fulfill de-watering requirements.

Construction Services
  • Water Storage Tanks
  • Dust Control
  • Supply Water for Grinders and Pavers
  • Supply Water for Drilling
  • Water Filled Construction Barricades
  • Equipment Washing
  • Landscaped Water Features
  • Basement De-watering Sites

How we do it:

The Purple Pipe

There are a few options for applying delivered water.  The simplest, but least cost effective way over the long run, is to have our crew irrigate directly off the water truck with various length hoses.

The next step is to prime your property for the water truck.  We design and build irrigation systems which the water truck can then plug into and irrigate automatically each time it arrives.  This brings down our time on site, resources utilized, and thus the overall cost to our clients.  It also makes delivery less invasive because it drastically reduces the amount of hoses required.

A hidden port near the street leads to a purple PVC pipe which then disperses the water further onto the property, via pressure from the water truck.  This eliminates the need to roll out long hoses each visit.  Sort of like a building standpipe for a firetruck, the purple pipe acts like an installed hose extension.  The feed of water is then picked up in the backyard at another port where a crew member attaches a short hose and use it as a watering station.

How we do it:

Water Storage Tanks & Cisterns

The most cost-effective option for using non-potable water over the long-term may be to install a water storage tank or cistern on your property with an automated irrigation system. The tank would be connected to a hidden truck fill-pipe adaptation (or we can modify an existing rain-catchment system) to accept reclaimed water year-round from the water truck on a scheduled or as needed basis.

Rain Harvesting

One of our most cost effective solutions is to modify your existing rain-harvesting system with a water truck fill pipe so you will have a source of high quality reclaimed water year-round, especially when you need it most… in the dry season!  If you install a storage tank or cistern for recycled water or groundwater irrigation, why not modify it to double as rain-catchment in the wet season?


Rain-catchment/non-potable water storage tanks and cisterns and concurrent system equipment should be scheduled for maintenance in the dry-season (or before/after the rainy season). Tanks should be cleaned according to the manufacturer’s instructions. In many cases, this means every 3 – 5 years. Please contact us for an estimate.